“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Exclusive wines was founded in 2019 and finally found its legs in 2020.

Exclusive wine was founded by Deon Barkhuizen, Director of Cudoscene PTY LTD. He saw the need to bring the best Cape Town had to offer directly to the Durban shores.

Exclusive wines partnered with The Leading distributors in KZN cutting out the middleman and allowing the public to buy direct.

Most wine clubs offer 10% discounts and the opportunity to buy directly from wine farms within South-Africa. This is a good way to be more connected with the product itself but also ends up costing the end user more than what they would have spent buying directly from the stores.

Our main goal is not to just give discounts or the opportunity to buy directly from farms but to buy as a collective from a redistributor who buys in bulk and redistributes at a even lower price, cutting out multiple middlemen and ensuring maximum discounts.

Exclusive wines is a platform to showcase the best SA has to offer for the ever-growing wine community.

By supporting local, you are supporting a dream and creating employment. In return, Exclusive Wines ensures that award winning wine at affordable prices.